Personalised learning

Year 6 girls

All students at St Patrick’s have the opportunity to develop their skills according to their aptitude in order to reach their true potential. It is our job as teachers to make sure we facilitate the growth of gifts into talents. It is a teacher’s responsibility to identify these skills and challenge students accordingly to personalise their learning leading to optimal results. It is crucial that those students who have been identified as gifted and talented are given appropriate opportunities to engage, stimulate and develop their potential. It is the classroom teacher’s responsibility to:

  • Identify the special gifts and talents of students, implement effective learning strategies and provide appropriate resources
  • Regularly monitor the performance of students using a range of assessment measures so that assessment informs teaching.

Our beliefs

  • Personalised learning puts the needs of the students first
  • Personalised learning honours each student as an individual learner, recognises that each student has his or her own learning style, unique gifts, interests, aspirations and challenges to learning
  • Every student has individualised goals determined by their assessment data
  • Students’ goals and progress are monitored to inform teaching
  • Differentiated learning takes place across all curriculum areas
  • All staff are involved in rigorous data recording
  • All students are challenged and extended.